Students' Senior Thesis research topics

This could well turn out to be one hell of an . Simply because, not many know, for sure, as to what goes on during insider trading of specific scrips, sometimes not even the punters in the know! Besides insider-trading, the so-called fear psychosis and the resultant herd mentality are equally interesting choices for a senior thesis topic. Gather all the facts, instances and records of how anxiety, fueled by uncertainties, grips the capital markets when either the bears or the bulls take control and the resultant indiscriminate, and often irrational, mass selling and buying is triggered. This is, quite often, more to do with sentiments and behaviors such as fear, apprehension, expectation, greed and blind faith (in what some so-called market experts say) than rationale. Plus, one can throw in one’s own bit of spice, as one is going to talk of human behavior under certain market conditions (and practices), which means one is at liberty to express her / his own interpretation of it all while putting forth the findings.

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A large part of the success of your college senior thesis rests on the topic you choose to write it about. You need an original topic that you can write passionately about. So, we’ve compiled a great list of original college senior thesis topics that may inspire you to write an amazing paper.

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Students from Wakefield have the opportunity to visit the CCF in Namibia to work hand-in-hand with scientists on conservation efforts. This opportunity offers our students the potential for senior thesis topics in areas of cheetah management, predator/prey management, Namibian culture, and others we have yet to uncover.