Smart Grid Thesis Phd Thesis Topics on Energy Systems Contents

OE Taking a Leadership Role
In its national leadership role, OE has partnered with key stakeholders from industry, academia, and state governments to modernize the nation’s electricity delivery system. OE and its partners identify research and development (R&D) priorities that address challenges and accelerate transformation to a smarter grid, supporting demonstration of not only smart grid technologies but also new business models, policies, and societal benefits. OE has demonstrated leadership in advancing this transformation through cooperative efforts with the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Subcommittee on Smart Grid and the .

Measurement and Control in Smart Grid Using the NI Technology

The Master Thesis is part of the Smart Grid Gotlandproject. This project aims at implementing smart grid solutionson the island of Gotland in order to be able to efficientlyintegrate large quantities of renewable energy production.

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Research activities in general are related to Smart Grid and active electricity distribution networks. Research group around 10 persons is developing concepts, methods and functions for smart grid together with research groups of professors , and . Research area is a combination of electric power engineering, power electronics, electricity markets and ICT technology.