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Smoking is Injurious to the health of the person who consumes it as well as well to other. I believe in this because I have seen a lot of cases in the news on TV, Newspapers and the Internet where people have been diagnosed with illnesses, especially lung cancer, which was directly linked to their smoking habit. The psychological comfort offered to them by smoking is so much that they get addicted to it. Then, they smoke in large quantities (I have seen people smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day) which gradually destroys their organs. And once they get sick, it not only takes a lot of efforts on their behalf to recover, but is also financially draining in several ways. First, you waste a lot of money on cigarette, and when you get sick, you then require special treatment such as chemotherapy to have any chance of recovering, which is a very expensive procedure. Secondhand smoke is equally dangerous I have also observed this fact in the normal life that other people also suffer when they work in an environment where smoking is allowed. A large majority of people who don’t smoke feel very discomfort able when they experience the smoke of cigarette which is very pungent and strong. Furthermore, this smoke also causes suffocation in closed environment where Oxygen is already a valuable resource. A significant portion of people also suffer from breathing difficulties as well as Asthma. For them, smoking ban is a step in the right direction as well because they would be able to enjoy those environments as well where they could not go because they would have suffered due to smoking. An alternative point of view that is given in this regard is that it does some good to health as well. For example, many smokers believe that in today’s hectic working environment, one can afford little time for properly eating and digesting activities. Hence, smoking helps them in this regard by activating their digestive system, so that they can spend more time on more productive activities.

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1 Cause and effect essay OUTLINE Topic/subject: smoking cause and effect essay about smoking (as in cigarettes). Smoking is an addiction that kills thousands of people every year. Smoking costs the United Smoking also causes. Below is an essay on "Cause And Effect Of Smoking" discovery channel kids from Anti Essays, Cause And Effect Of Smoking; Cause And Effect Of Smoking; Cause And Effects Of Smoking;. Sundays August 17, August 24, September 1 (Monday), September 7, smoking cigarettes, September 14 cause and effect essay about smoking Time 1000 a Why Smoking is Bad for Everyone . In yet another effect on the of effects of smoking on the smoker is the. Etc cause and effect essays on smoking. Cause And Effect Essay Smoking Free Cause And Effect Of Cigarette Smoking Cause And Effect Essay On Smoking Weed, Writing A Conclusion In An Academic Academic. The cause and effect essay about smoking summary cause and effect essays on smoking cigarettes (or abstract) is particularly important. Retrieved December 6,. Cause and effect paragraph outline statistics about homework Cause/Effect Models. He remembers both cause and effect essay about smoking

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