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1. Informatics Manila Students – The main target of the study, for the students to be aware of the impact of social media to them 2. Parents – This study will be beneficiary to parents of the students, for them to be aware of the impacts of social media usage. 3. Informatics College Manila – The study will also be beneficial to the educational institution for the awareness on the impact of social media usage. 4. Future Researchers – They will benefit from the study through the information they could gather.

How has social media changed the relationship between brand & consumer?

Brooke’s claim to fame was in 2011, when she was invited to present her social media thesis findings to the Council for Undergraduate Research at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA.

effects of social media to the productivity of students.

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With the advances in technology that are occurring on an almost daily basis the Internet is one place where you can get many different marketing thesis topics to concentrate on. Social media marketing, for example, is now the most commonly used method of advertising for all sizes and types of business. There are many different approaches you can take if you choose to write a social media marketing thesis.