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time on real face to face interaction with family and friends, while 27% loss of privacy and security, 20% suffered from emotional disturbance are 5 %. Impact of the internet on education caught both educators and practitioner’s attention. The fusion of study and internet sites opened the doors for positive and negative results. The effect of social networking on the students study habits results in different ranges. Many studies show different findings about the students who use social networking sites. Justification of the Study The research of Garcia “Social Networking and Its Impact on Filipino Youth”, stressed that the students in now a days tend to be more reliant on gadgets and search engine even when doing home works. According to his findings social networking site has a big impact on our education

effects of social networking on the academic performance of students if social network...

The following example shows the most basic outline. As your papers grow longer and more involved in the future, you can always add more sub-points as necessary. Topic: Social Networking Thesis: Social networking is beneficial, despite its drawbacks, because it can provide emotional support, help create partnerships, and be used as a tool for the […]

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If you are interesting in writing a social network thesis for your network thesis project; then, you should refer to the following topics to get going: