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If I interpret LFC correctly, we both agree that both major philosophical ideas of social science has their merit and have contributed to social science as a whole. His post made me interested in reading the entire piece, which in a way surprised me and made me think even if I for the most part disagree with it.

(President’s Prize for Best Social Science Thesis, Iran; 1997; Lecturer, University of Tehran).

The thesis-writing gap between social sciences and the humanities may also be linked to the fact that more humanities concentrators pursue careers in academia than do students in programs such as economics, Roh wrote.

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Mine was a social science thesis, word count 82,800 and my conclusion chapter was as far as I remember 7,500.

In the body, the writer should state the thesis of the social science paper. Then develop the thesis well. He should use strong points to support the thesis of the social science paper. Students are supposed to use strong points to support their social science thesis, so the writer should use only strong points. The writers should ensure the social science papers have good flow and are not plagiarized. Plagiarism affects the content of the social science papers. This in turn influences student's performance.