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The program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work is designed to prepare scholars to advance knowledge development and dissemination for the profession of social work. Upon completion of the Ph.D. Program students will display competency in theory and theory development; knowledge and skills in research methods and data analysis; theory, research, and policy as applied to a specialty practice area; understanding and commitment to the underlying values, ethics, and social and economic justice perspectives in the scientific inquiry in social work; and theory and research as applied to social work practice, policy, and social work education. Graduates of the program are expected to make a significant contribution to the profession of social work through their own continued research, teaching, scholarship and service.

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A Faculty member and Alumna of the School of Social Work, Judy Green was awarded the Faculty Community Service Award! A licensed clinical social worker and the daughter of Holocaust survivors, Judy had facilitated support groups for children of Holocaust survivors for many years before she became involved with the Cambodian community in 2013.

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Kimberly Hart successfully defended her Master of Social Work thesis Tuesday August 5, 2014.

“How to write a social work thesis proposal?” is the basic question raised by a student. Social work thesis proposal is the initial part of the thesis writing procedure. When a student is keen to accomplish the degree, he/she has to submit a superlative quality social work thesis and to go ahead on this way; he/she has to present a first class social work thesis proposal. If the proposal’s result is in approval, he/she has to will be permitted to commence writing and research. So the students can never neglect the importance of a first-class social work thesis proposal.