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For writing the thesis you must use our LaTeX template that you can get from your advisor. The of the guideline is available online. It describes the structure of a thesis and provides hints about what to write in each chapter. The guideline was taken from Prof. John W. Chinneck's where you can find additional information.

Elements and Structure of a Master Thesis Hein Roelfsema

4). Be ready to adapt. While some people may plan the structure on a strict basis from the start, and then attempt to follow it rigorously, usually the structure of a thesis is a moveable feast and changes as research progresses. Your point of view may also change several times during the course of your work so it may be that you have to regularly stand back, take a look at the overall picture, and re-evaluate how you present your findings.

Structure of a Thesis INTRODUCTION Part 1 is the ..

Structure of a thesis

MUSEC uses the thesis by publication model, the preferred approach at Macquarie University. The basic structure of a thesis by publication is as follows.