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A ‘major corrections’ option for DPhil examination outcomes give the examiners of research degrees an outcome option mid-way between minor corrections and referral. Candidates whose thesis is referred will be required to provide at resubmission a separate report indicating the specific changes made to the revised thesis; the word limit of which has been stipulated by divisional boards. The report will act as a guide to how the candidate has addressed examiners’ comments, and will direct examiners to the appropriate sections. Corrections must be made and submitted within six months, although Examination Boards may grant an extension of up to three months on receipt of a . Major corrections theses should be submitted to the Examination Schools. It is not permitted for these to be submitted directly to the examiners.

The following must be submitted to the Honors Program office in hard copy by the deadline:

Submit your licentiate thesis to NettiOpsu after it's been corrected and examined. Three bound copies of the licentiate thesis should be submitted to the School office for the purposes of examination. Other instructions pertaining to the examination and approval of the thesis, likewise schedules and procedures can be found in the postgraduate guides of the respective Schools.

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If the thesis has been submitted into Theseus, then there is no need to submit the archive copy.

It is a principle of the University that a thesis produced from a research higher degree should be publicly available. However the University recognises that there are certain circumstances in which immediate public availability of the thesis in the library may not be desirable. If access to the library copy of the thesis is a concern to candidates, they should discuss this with the relevant parties six months before submitting their thesis.