Appendix J – Sample Table of Contents for Thesis and Graduate Paper

Some students will try to manually create the table of contents for their papers without understanding that there is a process built in to Word that is helpful. When trying to do this manually many give up quickly because they become frustrated. The spacing won't come out right and it is bothersome. There is a great fix for this. If you follow the steps that follow the process will be simple and it won't take you long. Your paper is sure to look great. You want to only use a table of contents when the paper is able to be divided into chapters or logical parts.

A specimen copy of the Table of Contents for thesis is given in Annexure

The Table of Contents is a minor yet essential part of your paper. It gives one a brief idea about the main contents of your thesis. One can look through the key points of your research work effortlessly, without any chaos. Thus, it should be written and composed with utmost care and precision. The following recommendations will help in presenting a good table of contents for your thesis paper.

Table of Contents for Thesis pages

Table of contents for thesis - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange

Below you can find a complete table of contents for all thesis-related posts (you can also get to the posts via the “thesis” tag I have used for each). Enjoy!