be placed after the Table of Contents in the area ..

After the title page we need to add in an abstract, dedication, declaration and acknowledgements section. We can add each of these in on separate pages using unnumbered chapters. To do this we use the command and add an asterisk. After these sections we’ll add a table of contents using the command:

Table of contents for The Boswell thesis - Library of Congress

Some students will try to manually create the table of contents for their papers without understanding that there is a process built in to Word that is helpful. When trying to do this manually many give up quickly because they become frustrated. The spacing won't come out right and it is bothersome. There is a great fix for this. If you follow the steps that follow the process will be simple and it won't take you long. Your paper is sure to look great. You want to only use a table of contents when the paper is able to be divided into chapters or logical parts.

Include a table of contents following these guidelines:

Table of Contents Thesis Submission Guide - UNIST 도서관

The table of contents creations. After the paper has all the divided sections you want it is time for the table of contents. You are getting close to being finished! You need to create a page at the papers beginning that is blank if you don't already have one. You will want to visit the toolbar and go over to insert, next select reference, and finally index and tables. Once the window comes up you will need to click on the table of contents and then okay.