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Crafting A Solid Term Paper Thesis Statement In Three Steps

A or statement is the idea that drives the term paper, expressing the course of the paper's argument or the scope of the information it will provide on a given subject. The term paper thesis statement is the most important part of the whole paper, because it defines what the paper will contain; therefore, the student should invest a large amount of effort in it in comparison to other parts of the term paper.

Term Paper Thesis Statement - Writing Ideas & Examples

Composing A Term paper Thesis: Effective Tutorial

Students who are composing term paper theses should avoid including any superfluous words or phrases. Although the introductory paragraph may contain a witty quote or startling factoid that catches the reader's attention but does not serve as a primary point of discussion, the term paper thesis statement itself should contain no unnecessary phrases. For example, if the student does not wish to discuss the environmental benefits of a four-day school week, he or she should not mention the environment whatsoever in the term paper thesis statement.