Westward Expansion: The Homestead Act of 1862 & the Frontier Thesis

"It (Turner's thesis) was a great optical and chronological illusion," said Patricia Limerick, an associate professor of history at the University of Colorado. "By saying the frontier and the West were the same thing, we got stuck with this strange, truncated history in which the West (only) was significant until 1890.

If you’ve ever read a classic science fiction novel, you know about the Turner Frontier Thesis.

A third figure that has contributed immensely to contemporary frontier studies is Richard Slotkin, Professor of English and Director of American Studies at Wesleyan University. In a sense, Slotkin’s mission is similar to that of the New Western Historians: to escape the ideological baggage of the frontier thesis, and to look anew at American history. Slotkin, instead, turns the idea of the frontier in the United States itself into a subject of critical inquiry.

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Subject: William Appleman Williams: The Frontier Thesis in American Foreign Policy

Wilson relied extensively on Turner's frontier thesis in presenting his own interpretation of American history. "All I ever wrote on the subject came from him:' A comment overgenerous, perhaps, but not misleading. Read Wilson on American expansion after 1896: "The spaces of their own continent were occupied and reduced to the uses of civilization; they had no frontiers .... These new frontiers in the Indies and in the Far Pacific came to them as if out of the very necessity of the new career before them:'”