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If a student is required to write a , it generally means that the student is required to write a report which is termed also as a dissertation. A dissertation or a presents the findings of research work submitted to obtain a degree or professional qualification. The words thesis and dissertation are used interchangeably within the scholastic sphere. But depending on the university and the country the meaning of these two words can have a subtle difference. In Some countries and Universities thesis is written and submitted for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree and a dissertation is written for a Doctorate. But in other countries the words are used in the reverse order.

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More than any other Chinese philosophers, the Sanlun masters had a great interest in logical analysis and logical argument. They analyzed the dynamic and static worldviews, and they critically examined the nature and function of language and basic linguistic units such as subject, predicate, and predication. They questioned the essence and use of truth, knowledge, and logic, and they investigated various logical concepts and constructs such as right and wrong, negation and affirmation, and the meaning of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis in rational reasoning and conceptual disputes.

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We say that the development of a proof is driven by the meaning of thesis , as at each point

In the view of the Sanlun masters, language and logic are empty. They are conventional and do not have a priori or absolute validity. Words have no definite meaning in themselves. The meaning of a term is not the object for which it stands, but depends on conditions and circumstances. If conditions change, the meaning of the word changes and might even be lost.