Thesis 2.0. Skins, Boxes, Packages & Tutorials ~ all under one roof!

After leaving the above comment, I went back one more time. Went into themes and used the link in the Thesis 2.0 section. So guess what? Now I’m on Thesis 2.01. Sigh… So, I retract the first part where I ask what’s up.

Thesis 2.0 lets you change fonts, font sizes and other settings in a matter of a few clicks.

Last month, the popular premium WordPress theme framework Thesis underwent a significant update, and the WordPress community saw the advent of Unlike other theme updates, Thesis 2.0 marks a noticeable difference from its predecessor: there have been many changes and additions, and to quote the team behind the framework, the entire engine . In this article, we shall be taking a look at Thesis 2.0 and what it brings to the table.

Thesis 2.0 Drag & Drop Functionality Screenshot

OK – I wasn’t actually timing it, but I think it took approx 1.5 seconds to upgrade to Thesis 2.0.1

If we utilize one of your responsive skins with Thesis 2.0 how does your new editor handle building the site out with an existing responsive skins? Does this bad boy scale along when editing the responsive skin or is heavy css hard coding still required for such?

Mode of operation? Well, every element of the website has its own box, and each box has its own set of properties and options. As a result, you can customize your website as much as you want! Also, Thesis 2.0 comes with its own Box Importer, allowing you to save and migrate your settings.The creation of a Package is simple, and once you’ve done it, you can customize it by specifying information such as border, margin, padding, etc. Ideally, you simply need to specify values and other data, and Thesis 2.0 writes the same in CSS by its own, thereby ridding you of the need to mess with code. But if you still need to specify some code, you can opt for the additional CSS segment.Coming back to the Thesis Skin Editor. Having read about skins and boxes, you must have guessed by now that the creators of Thesis 2.0 have tried to make it an end user’s framework, and also attempted to move away from the geek-friendly image that Thesis 1.0 had. When editing the look and feel of your website using the Skin Editor, you no longer need to tweak templates and code: everything is simple drag and drop, point and shoot!The community is one of the most vibrant ones on the internet, and it will not be long before you see many awesome “skins and boxes” in the market! Furthermore, even though I am unhappy with the Thesis 2.0 version of drag and drop, I can surely see many people using (and actually enjoying) it for client projects as well as their own websites.