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And yes, thank your supervisor. Consider this: Someone interested in working with/hiring/inviting for a lecture/etc. your supervisor is very unlikelly to read your thesis, so omitting thanks to him will have no impact on his career. On the other hand, someone interested in you will certainly read your thesis and may read the acknowledgements to get a feeling of your personality. Since you are expected to thank your supervisor, the omitted thanks may strike as arrogant, specially because it won't be justified, so it may be harmful to you.

Examples and ideas for writing the acknowledgements section of your dissertation

“I just feel so blessed for the amazing support I have received,” says Monzur, who was accepted to several law schools. “I wanted to list everyone who helped me in my thesis acknowledgements, but it would have been longer than my actual thesis. When my friends told me what people were doing, I just cried. I felt so proud of UBC. I will never forget every person who helped me.”

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Thesis acknowledgment gives you an opportunity to show your gratitude for the people who stood by your side in your thesis writing task. In thesis Acknowledgement, you thank all the people who provided their assistance to you in form of advice, suggestions, and any other. Writing Thesis Acknowledgements Phrases
It is very important to use proper and suitable theses acknowledgement phrases since it is your chance to display how deeply you owe to the people who supported in your thesis.
You may initiate writing your thesis acknowledgement using any of the following phrases: