Please to use to thesis advisor assignment program.

BEST, WALDO T. "Subjective Confidence in Technology" May 1988 (Thomas Sheridan, thesis advisor) [double S.B. degrees in Humanities and Engineering]

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GS Form 9 is the form your committee members sign after the defense. It may or may not contain their names in typing, but it must contain their signatures. The Head of the Graduate Program and the Thesis Format Advisor also sign this form. You turn this form in at the deposit appointment.

Please to use to thesis advisor assignment program.


Was a former student's project unnecessarily prolonged? Did anyone not finish? Why not? Many projects suffer unanticipated delays. Occasionally, for various reasons--not always the advisor's fault--students do not finish theses and dissertations.

Academic advisors are simple so we'll dispose of them first. Everygraduate student is assigned a faculty member as academic advisor,generally in his or her area, though it depends on current advisorloads. The function of the academic advisor is to represent thedepartment to you: to tell you what the official requirements are, toget on your case if you are late satisfying them, and to OK your classschedule. If all goes well, you only have to see your academic advisorin that capacity twice a year on registration day. On the other hand,if you are having difficulties, your academic advisor may be able to actas advocate for you, either in representing you to the department or inproviding pointers to sources of assistance.Many AI faculty members are quite eccentric people. The grad studentslikewise. The advisor-advisee relationship is necessarily personal, andyour personality quirks and your advisor's must fit well enough that youcan get work done together.