What Is the Difference between Thesis and Antithesis?

When Schaeffer addresses Hegel's role in thisdevelopment, he mentions the dialectical unfolding of history wherebysuccessively new syntheses are formed through the perception that "thereis truth in both thesis and antithesis." Schaefferconcludes that although it is "an over-simplification of Hegel's completeposition, the result is that all possible particular positions are indeedrelativized.... This has lead to the idea that truth is to be sought insynthesis rather than antithesis."

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Each of the articles of Summa Theologica is focused on answering a specific question. Aquinas notes that clear questions can be answered in two ways - in the affirmative (yes) and in the negative (no). An answer to a question is not complete until it considers both sides (yes and no). Aquinas knew quite well what positions he wanted to promote. Still, he always gave serious consideration to the positions and arguments of opposing views. He did this by a method of thesis and antithesis.

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