Thesis and Theme in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Author(s): Dorothy S

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Personal graduation thesis and theme section 'Living above the shops'

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I whole-heartedly agree with your overall thesis and theme

Two Aims in Artistic Interpretation: Thesis and Theme

The theory part of the thesis discusses cancer as a disease, the psychic reactions caused by the disease, the physiology and functions of emotions and what emotional support is and what are its different forms. The implementation part of the thesis describes qualitative research, the progression of the study, the participants of the study, the data gathering and the content analysis. Qualitative research is the research method in this thesis and theme interviews were used to gather data. Those were done with three different people on different dates. The people chosen for the research were chosen from Rautarouvat support group from Cancer Association of Northern Finland r.a. in which the researcher herself participated in order to tell of the thesis and how it will be executed. The analysis of the data was done using inductive content analysis.