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A better solution that I use is below. I like each appendix to start at the top of a new page as well as the bibliography. I also like to have a label to the appendices for a reference using ef.

but the latex thesis cls file I use generates only the letter A followed by the appendix title:

The appendix of your dissertation or your thesis may not be deemed as very important. But, it should still be given attention when it comes to how you organize it since it would include significant information which may help support the research that you have put into the paper. This just goes to show that every chapter of your dissertation or your thesis is definitely an essential part, which is why you should have the effort of really getting into the details and do it appropriately.

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The thesis cls file defines a "backmatter" command and the appendix is treated as a chapter.

Honours Thesis Appendices
Appendices include supporting materials such as interview transcripts, logs, diagrams, code etc. that the advisor deems important enough to include to provide readers with relevant extra evidence. Each different type of material should have its own appendix number and title in the form of “Appendix 1: [Name of Materials]”.

Is there a simple fix to the above code that will add the word Appendix before the letter A in the TOC for Appendix A? There is a related question, , but the answers did not appear to help in this case.This part is where all the pictures or tables and graphs necessary for your dissertation are placed. If you used diagrams, calculations or charts, then you should also include it on the appendix.- Once you decide to add an appendix to your dissertation, this must inserted prior to your Bibliography;
- Every appendix must have a separate page;
- You should not forget to include the appendices on the Contents page of your dissertation;
- Most of the time, an appendix is labelled numerically;This section refers to whom the researcher/s dedicate his/her contribution however this is optional. 1.6 Abstract This present the summary of the thesis that gives the readers an overview of the study without reading the whole thesis. Abstract includes statement of the problem/purpose, methodology, major findings, and conclusions of the study. As usual, thesis abstract does not mention any reference to the literature. It should not be less than two hundred (200) words but not more than five hundred (500) words or a maximum of two (2) pages and should be encoded in double-spaced. Note: The abstract of a thesis proposal includes only the statement of the problem/purpose and methodology of the study. 1.7 Table of Contents This is a sequential listing of all major parts of a thesis with corresponding page numbers. Table of contents includes titles of the preliminaries pages, chapters, sections and subsections, bibliography, appendices and curriculum vitae. See Appendix G to I (Samples). Note: Appendix I is for project development. 1.8 List of Appendices This section presents the sequential listing of the appendices with its corresponding title and page. This list should be arranged in order that they are observed in the appendices. See Appendix J (Format) and Appendix K (Sample). List of Tables This contains the list of all table titles found in the body of the thesis with corresponding page numbers. Tables should be numbered in sequence, type bold, and use Arabic numerals connected with its table title. For instance, the first table appearing in chapter two should be marked as Table 2.1 Title of table 2.1. See Appendix L (Format) and Appendix M (Sample).