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Regarding the Course, Helen never made editorial decisions on her own. She was very clear that this was not her book. While she claimed to be responsible only for the form, not the content that she knew was not hers, she did nothing with this course that she did not feel came with Jesus' blessing, including any thoughts from Bill about what should be left in or taken out. As the editing proceeded, the text was originally put in four volumes of thesis binders. Helen would only want to show people volume IV because the writing there is so beautiful.

Shipments to and from the binder and the Library occur at three week intervals.

8. Honors projects are approximately 50 pages in length. Previous projects are available to students as examples of the type of work expected of them. Students must follow a standard format, either MLA or Chicago. Two copies of the thesis must be submitted to the Comparative Literature Program in black thesis binders.

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we are making the binding for project report. which is very efficient to the student.

Thermal Binding is a very neat and tidy looking bind; it uses a thermal/hot glue to fix the pages in place, and is also known by a number of different names such as Glue Binding, Fastback, thermo and perfect binding.

Q: When will I receive my bound copies? How will I know they're back?
A: If you request optional personal copies, they will be available for you to pick up 6- 8 weeks after you submit them. We'll email you when they come in; let us know if you will no longer be in the area and we'll make other arrangements to get them to you.

Q: How will the advisor's copy get to my advisor?
A: We will email your advisor or department when that copy arrives from the bindery. We make arrangements directly with advisors.Our hard bindings are also lettered on the spine and/or the front cover in gold or silver foil.
For non thesis hard binding please see the bespoke binding section.Dissertation Bindings come in many styles and style variations depending on the University or College, and sometimes the level of your degree i.e. PhD, BA (Hons), MSc etc...

Many of the Universities or Colleges have strict regulations for the Higher Degrees, but lower Degrees differ according to Course, Department etc...

We can bind to any university regulation!

Your university or college will usually provide you with a binding specification but generally the binding style will fall into one of two categories- hard binding or soft binding, this is not always clear so please have a look at the bindings we offer to best suit your university requirements. Below are three companies the university has used in the past with good results; however, you may use any bindery you wish. Some companies require that a paper copy be sent to them for binding, while others will print the manuscript for you from a pdf file.