The Thesis Book Project: Design Observer

Pat, the new Ph.D. whose unrevised dissertation has just been rejected by a publisher, isn’t doing anything Pat hasn’t been led to believe is right. But the operating instructions of scholarly publishing rarely form a part of graduate training, which means that young scholars are usually thinking about the academic book business for the first time when the dissertation is already complete. That’s late.

The book never appears to be an argument for any particular cause or thesis.

We will print and bind your thesis with the same care and attention to detail that you used to create it. Thesis binding uses the same method as standard hard cover books. With this method, the text pages are glued together at the spine to create a book block. The sheets that hold the book block are applied to the binding edge of the book block. The cover is created separately using selected materials and is glued to the end leaves and text block to create a book that will last for years.

From thesis to book | GETTING PUBLISHED

The design of their book is really beautiful, especially this fold-out poster.

The book was divided into two parts: a survey of quintessential historic examples and an in-depth documentation of the process involved for each of the eight posters in the Yale Symphony series. The cover was a cropped piece of one of the posters, wrapped around front and back with a completely inappropriate, yet trendy, Japanese binding. I used coated paper so the powdery matte ink had a textural effect on the surface. It’s taken thirty-six years, but the ink has begun to separate from the paper and fade from the pages.

Establish an enthusiastic mindset before you write the thesis statement for the book review. No matter what subject you review if you approach the topic with vim and vigor it will make the thesis statement jump off the page. Conversely, if you have a negative attitude it will shine through in your writing of thesis statement.Stay with a singular theme in a thesis statement. Too many times people will try to incorporate too much information into the thesis statement, which distracts from the main point of the statement and the book review.