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What I really enjoyed most about The Thesis Centre is that my visit there signified that I would never ever, ever have to a piece of academic writing again! Whoop!

There is a sort of strange feeling of satisfaction to be had while holding a book with your name embossed in gold on it. Even if said book had a print run of only four, and even if the contents of the book is unreadable dross, as my dissertation surely was.

The Thesis Centre have the option of a five hour binding, so don't worry if you only finish your thesis/dissertation in a mad rush only hours ahead of the deadline. They charge a little more for this service, but even though they could completely have your balls in a vice and could charge you through the nose, they don't, it's only a few euros extra.

I think that for me to my four 40 something page books bound in the 5 hour service wasn't much more than a hundred euro, though I could be wrong on this, as I have developed a defensive mental block about my dissertation and any dissertation related activities over the last number of months (like the way that women can't remember childbirth afterwards).

One thing I will say though: avoid having colour pictures printed and bound there, as that inflates the price to astronomical levels.

I would like to dedicate this review especially to Rónán C, who has his own twelve thousand, that's right, TWELVE THOUSAND word dissertation to start in September, so I hope that he will find this particularly illuminating.

You've got it all ahead of you, kid!

Start your review of The Thesis Centre.

What I like best about the Thesis Centre is that my visit there signified that I would never ever have to write an academic piece ever again (although the shit economy is making me consider a Masters in publishing, so my days of dissertation writing may not be over yet, I fear).I finished my dissertation in a caffeine-fueled frenzy at about six o'clock on the morning that it was due; luckily, The Thesis Centre provides a five hour binding service for those of us who suffer from a lack of...

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The Thesis Centre is a shining beacon of hope and light in what is an otherwise arduous terrifying process. They basically do everything for you, but actually write the thesis, which I think at this point I'd pay any money to have someone else do!

What seems like a long, long time ago, I was getting ready to hand in my first postgraduate degree after a long, warm summer in the US, I came back to Ireland with just a little over a week to hand in my thesis and with my supervisor being a lovely (sarcasm alert!) man who doesn't believe in modern technology not having yet read it. He so nicely told me he was too busy to meet with me during his office hours when he told me to meet him HELLO! This thing is due like Tomorrow! and thus didn't actually return an edited version of my thesis to me until 2 days before I had to hand it in to the academic gods who judge our entrance into the higher realm ...dun dun dun. The Thesis Centre calmed my nerves to say the least. I emailed them my thesis and told them exactly what needed to be done. They were absolutely amazing and they know exactly what each course in each Dublin university requires and prints your thesis to those specifications. It's a bit hectic when everyone else has to hand their thesis in as well, but the people inside don't seem stressed at all.

Like previous reviewers have said it's a very strange feeling to hold a hardbound book in your hand bearing your name. Now if only they paid me to do that instead of the other way around!