Guidelines and forms for establishing the dissertation committee.

Please follow the instructions below when writing your thesis committee meeting report. Submit the report online, no paper copies or e-mail attachments accepted. First write your report in any text editor, create a PDF file, and then submit the report using the DPBM

Suggested Report Format:

A) Thesis Committee: Each thesis committee will have a minimum of two members.

4.1 In the event that a dispute or disagreement arises between a student and a member of the committee or between members of the committee, the committee chair shall call a meeting of the committee and the student for the purpose of resolving the problem.

Responsibilities of the Thesis Committee Chair

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A written summary of the agreed program should be produced by the supervisor and passed onto the student, members of the Thesis Committee, and the Postgraduate Secretary (Kiri Rhodes).

The Chair will determine when a document is ready for electronic review by the committee and will initiate communication amongst committee members. The candidate should avoid consulting the full committee for feedback without prior approval of the Chair. A minimum of four meetings with the committee is required: Prospectus defense, Proposal defense, Pre-defense of the final manuscript, and the final Dissertation defense. The Chair will notify the Program Office via email () of the date/time/location of all committee defense meetings. Committee participation from a distance may be facilitated through video conference, phone conference, or other electronic media as approved. 1.12. Under extenuating circumstances (e.g., member's death or sudden leave), to be noted by the graduate program coordinator in a letter to the graduate dean, an individual student in the final stages of the thesis/dissertation may request to have fewer than three members on the committee. It is common practice to share Dissertation drafts with committee members via email. The document should be saved in Microsoft Word format and clearly labeled with the researcher’s name and stage in the process (example: Jane Smith Prospectus Chapter 2). The document should include consecutively numbered pages and should adhere to program formatting and style guidelines. All drafts of defense documents should be shared with the entire committee at least 14 days prior to any defense date(s). 1.23 Each graduate program committee may establish additional procedures for the appointment of thesis committee members. It is recommended that these procedures be published and be made available to incoming graduate students and new faculty members.