Stating the thesis for the very first time in the conclusion.

Thesis Conclusion – Thesis Notes

Depending upon the assignment, you may or may not be required, or feel it necessary, to restate the three supporting points along with the restatement of the thesis. In short essays, less than 500-words, the distance between the thesis statement itself and the conclusion may be so short as to render a restatement of the supporting points unnecessary. Plus, if you've written a truly cohesive essay, you've certainly referred to the supporting points numerous times in the body paragraphs that develop each of them.

Thus,the Conclusion consists of the summary + recommendations for furtherresearch.

Remember the obvious but important fact that the conclusion is the last thing the reader looks at. Do not allow a strong essay to fizzle with a weak conclusion. Always end with a definite statement„as this concluding paragraph does.

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How to write the conclusion for the Critical Lens essay part of the English Regents Exam in NYS

If you are through with thesis paper writing, it is time to prepare a good conclusion which will summarize your hard work. A good thesis conclusion chapter should contain brief information about the way you have conducted your research, about the methods, about the results, predictions and the most important - if the expectations of the research gave been met. Finally, it is reasonable to mention the difficulties which you have faced researching the topic, what have you learnt and what contributions you have made due to your investigations. Writing a thesis conclusion seems to be quite an easy thing but most students receive lower grades because of poorly-prepared conclusions. It is quite difficult to mention all essential moments of the thesis conclusion section and not to miss something, so many students look for professional help on numerous web sites in the Internet. Unfortunately, it is a bit problematic to find original content in the web nowadays, so be careful to find a reliable helper. EssayLib is a professional custom writing service, ready to satisfy all your needs.