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- The UA has begun a project to create a digital repository of BSN honor’s theses, master’s reports, master’s theses, and dissertations. The purpose is to provide information about the college’s theses and dissertations to include in other databases such as CINAHL and to make them electronically available to local and worldwide academic communities.

You can consult the database via the website of the University Library or directly via: .

In order to make it to a good PhD thesis database, you need to make sure that your thesis is good enough. Take a look at this list given below to understand how doctoral theses should be-

Undergraduate Thesis Database - University of Florida

The NZET database is funded by the Ministry of Education, through the Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) Programme.

Access to the full database as for P874 sponsors is also available to subscribers of Data Metallogenica through the separate password access to DM. In addition, DM itself is also adding full text theses donated by their authors to its website (see Special Search in the main DM search screen).

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