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Most people now use a thesis defense powerpoint presentation, this highly flexible software is perfect to use to provide you with your thesis defense slides. We can craft you a very professional thesis defense presentation ppt that will flow perfectly while giving the panel exactly what they are looking for. have experience of sitting on defense panels as well as having sat in the audience for many more so they know precisely what is expected from your thesis defense presentation ppt. A well prepared thesis defense ppt presentation will also provide you with slides that will be capable of providing information to illustrate answers to questions that you may be asked after your presentation.

 After the thesis defence presentation, the jury members will complete and sign the , compose the .

• Discuss the important elements of the experiment or your project, but make sure that you avoid going into excess detail. As if you do so then you will be short of time and will not be able to complete the master’s thesis defense presentation in time.

Preparing A Winning Thesis Defense PowerPoint Presentation

You MUST attend an official oral examination on August 18 in addition to this master thesis defence presentation.

Thesis defence presentation: “An In-Vitro Investigation into the Etiology of Porcelain Chipping in Zirconia Based All-Ceramic Restorations” as part of requirement of graduation from the Department of Biomaterials and Restorative Sciences of Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine with Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) on 7th September 2010.