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The following thesis defense tips will help you to build your confidence and prepare you for your thesis defense. These thesis defense guidelines will help you to achieve a better outcome. Watch as many thesis defenses as you can, especially those on which your chair and other panel members participate so that you get a feel for their style and the questions that they like to ask. These guys will also be experts in your area of study and will want to perform for the audience and their peers when they ask questions so watch them to learn how they are going to react. Ensure that you are fully prepared; our consultants can ensure that your thesis is proofread and edited to eliminate mistakes and they can also help to summarize it to provide you with a highly professional presentation for the panel. Your presentation is your opportunity to show the panel that you understand your thesis and can explain it simply yet comprehensively. The better the presentation the less likely you will have difficult questions resulting from it. You will then be asked a series of questions after your presentation, make sure that you have practiced with your supervisor, other students and our consultant so that your confidence and ability is boosted. Our consultant will be able to identify questions that may be asked by your panel allowing you to gain some insights as to the likely questions. They can also coach you on answering questions that you don’t know the answer to. are to be prepared and go in to enjoy yourself with the confidence that your preparation will see you through.

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