A Brief History of the Design Thesis

Terra Australis IncognitaJessica RussellThe Overland Telegraph Line, constructed in 1872, ran from the southern to the northernmost tip of Australia. This straight line cut through the heart of Australia's vast desert interior, connecting the country via underwater cable to Java, Indonesia and then across land through Asia and the Middle East into Great Britain. When Darwin was bombed by the Japanese in 1942, the Overland Telegraph Line was severed by the citizens of the city out who feared this infrastructure would be used to take over the country in the event of an invasion. With the cutting of the line, the countries’ voices were severed and history dismembered and disembodied. My thesis design is five theatres that rest on a voided site in the city They function as an archive of memory, a site for stories dispossessed and those yet to be written.

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Architecture students should erase the borders that define art and design as something only few can enjoy by making the best designs for the poor. Before, the frame of mind was that architects should build the best designs for the rich, but the best challenge is for the minds that will create masterpieces for the least of society. The proponents are hoping to plant seeds in the minds of upcoming architects and together, they hope to bring new meaning to architecture.

Thesis Theme Designers and Developers

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