I have WP version 3.01 and Thesis DIY Theme.

For example, you’ll see the DIYthemes community sharing their Thesis Theme Framework design customizations. And , you’ll see everyone talking about their most desired features for the Thesis Theme Framework.

The Thesis Theme from DIY Themes is hands down the most versatile WordPress theme on the market

The DIY Themes issue with WordPress/Matt Mullenweg has been going on for a while, but has intensified with the recent online discussion between Matt and Chris Pearson. I’m sure the #thesiswp hashtag is close to trending popular on twitter by now.

Who wouldn’t love to make their own DIY face scrub

Review: Thesis (WordPress Theme from DIY Themes) | Aliventures

UPDATE: On October 1, 2012, DIYthemes is releasing Thesis 2.0. This will create huge changes in the way DIY Thesis works. Pricing and options will be changing some time after the upgrade, and we have been warned that DIY does not do sales. So, if you are considering buying a DIY option, now is the time to do it. Here is our September 28, 2012

One of the best Framework sites out there is DIY Themes, which comes with the “Thesis” framework that maximizes your blogs and site’s potential.Gary: You know what? You kinda told me I’ll just set that okay since I already… I went to like Thesis DIY Themes and do the steps when you’re actually going to purchase. I was going through there and I was going to go ahead and download it to Ana’s website and I think I was having difficulty… my first domain and I went ahead and I copied, pasted it to Ana’s but I went through the steps then downloaded and synchronized them.When I first encountered the problem, I moseyed over to the Thesis DIY site to see if I can either download a plugin or find the answer to my pagination problem. Unfortunately, all I found were solutions that worked for the .