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Non-thesis Engineering Management Master’s Program is based on the definition of Engineering Management. Engineering Management is the management of activities in which engineering and applied sciences are used. Engineering Management is for engineers who make strategic and operational decisions about existing and future technology. Engineering Management increases the productivity, quality and competitiveness on a global basis, maintains the technological level and creates new business areas. Engineering Management is a discipline between Industrial Engineering and Social Science.

On campus events for sharing SEAri research with the systems engineering community.

The minimum grade point average for admission to the Engineering Honors Program is 3.4/4.0 based on graded concentration coursework through the seventh semester. Note that

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Engineering is without doubt one of the most challenging courses of study at the undergraduate and post graduate levels and as a result, writing an engineering thesis becomes a great hurdle in the life of a prospective engineer. With the requirement of following specific styles, the use of technical jargon instead of common words, and the need to abstain from using personal tone in reporting, writing the thesis requires a lot of skill, patience, and time in addition to research. To help students deal better with this onerous task, professional writers offer online services to help students with their engineering thesis writing.