Thesis Guidelines and other examination information

Note: PhD students commencing from 1 January 2016 will be required to undertake a defence of the thesis as part of their thesis examination. PhD students who commence prior to 1 January 2016 may elect to undertake a defence of the thesis as part of their examination in consultation with their supervisor. Students who elect to undertake a defence should contact

The  describe the University rules for the thesis examination process.

If a potential conflict of interest is not declared by the School, the candidate or the examiner but discovered during or after the examination, the Graduate School may annul one or both examiners reports and a replacement examiner/s will be appointed.

More information on the examination process can be found at .

For more information please contact the UQ Graduate School Thesis Examinations team at

In anticipation of the thesis examination, the supervisor must complete the . The student, supervisor(s) and the Unit* must agree on the names listed for Internal and External Examiners. Units* should have specific procedures for selection of names. An academic from the Unit*, according to internal procedures, must confirm that the Examiners are willing to serve prior to submission of the nomination of examiners and thesis submission form.