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It is very important to check out thesis samples before you start working on your own, especially if you have got no experience in academic writing on such a high level. Thesis examples will guide you through the process of writing. As known, thesis is a very complex with very serious requirements.
A good thesis example should have the following characteristics content-wise:
1. It should deal on an issue with some usefulness to the reading public in terms of providing guidelines to correct actions or opinions.
2. Its argument should boil down to concrete results that will influence the behavior and attitudes of readers.
3. None of the logical fallacies, specifically the subtle ones to which many, unenlightened, fall victim to, should be included. One of the fallacies with particular appeal to the uninformed is the “argument to ignorance” which makes spectacular and sweeping statements, artfully worded to assert absolute factualness where a mere probability exists. An example of this would be: “The World Bank is now in control of all major property investment companies worldwide.” In other words, this fallacy seeks to make feasibility into absolute fact.
If you’re not sure you can cope with the task, ask for professional help. This is very important especially if you face tough deadlines.

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Here's some bad thesis statement examples:

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