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Each variant has five completely different sets of numerals: in the normal font are hanging figures (mediaeval or old-style figures, for use with lower-case text). Lining figures are in the small-cap fonts. (Lining figures are the same height as capital letters.) In the expert fonts are tabular figures (similar to lining figures, but on the same widths to allow the setting of aligning columns of numerals), plus superior and inferior figures for making fractions.

One of the cleanest fonts is Helvetica. If I'm not mistaken, that's the font of YA.

The Stern font, Rimmer’s last, had such significance to Kegler that he filmed it in a . It may well capture the very last metal typeface created from scratch on classic equipment.

Other Font Categories

To ensure proper conversion to .pdf format, disquisitions must use one of the following fonts:

UM uses two fonts internally: Thesis Sans (from the Dutch type setter Lucas de Groot) for all printed material and for the UM website and Verdana for all other digital products (for example Power Point) and letters. For more information please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Various Thesis typefaces are available; UM uses (sans-serif) Thesis Sans, which comes in many fonts (bold, regular, light, etc.). Thesis Sans is the standard typeface used in UM’s basic house style elements, such as the logo, endorsed A-brands and UM unit names . We recommend using Thesis Sans as often as possible; along with the logo and colours, typography reflects the same standards of consistency for all university units.

Professional users – including our preferred suppliers, such as (DTP) designers with graphic design programs – use a Postscript version of Thesis Sans. UM’s corresponding licence covers the following Thesis Sans font styles, which you can access through preferred suppliers following consultation with the House Style Office.

That's interesting, I was playing around with a few fonts this afternoon and it's amazing the impact the font has on how you perceive the text. I agree that Times probably looks more authoritarian, though I like the roundness of Arial! I wonder if anyone has ever submitted in Comic Sans...!Are you able to write a document without ever bothering using a good font? Well a thesis font style is an important factor to visually entice your readers to complete analyzing your project. The font of your texts must have a good visual appearance because it can literally drive audience and then make them appreciate your work later on. Why is it important to have a good thesis font? We will discuss this matter on this article.