Question: What is a good thesis statement for abortion

Abortion was created to aid in certain situations in which a woman could not or did not want to give birth to a child and care for the child. It is a method in which the baby is still in the mother's womb and the living embryo or fetus is killed. The whole idea of abortions is immoral, and especially how they are done so viciously. Everyday, innocent, harmless fetuses that could soon be laughing children are being brutally destroyed. One form of abortion is to cut the fetus into pieces with serrated forceps before being removed, piece, by piece from the uterus by suction with a vacuum aspirator. Another form of abortion removal consists of brining the fetus feet first into the birth canal, and puncturing its head. The parts are then given letters, rather than being referred to what they actually are. The remains of the fetus or embryo are put into plastic buckets, and then sent to a dumpster where the bones and limbs are disposed of.

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