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We cannot control natural happenings but we can control ourselves. We can reduce the threat of the global warming to a great extent by applying the ways which have been mentioned above. We have to think as a whole to get rid of this problem.

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“It is man-made and it is essentially [caused by] fossil fuel burning, increased methane production… and so on.” Sir David chose his words carefully. There is a discussion about whether global warming is due to anthropogenic (man-made) effects. But it is not—or is only seldom—taking place among scientists. It is taking place in the media, and it seems to consist of a competition to establish the outer reaches of imbecility.

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Horowitz thesis global warming by leonard horowitz and sherri kane, Horokane.

An outstanding, well-referenced, review of the situation. It’s all there; history of the global warming concept, role of solar fluctuations, the actual temperature record with ranking of years, the extent to which predictions since 1995 have been justified and indeed exceeded by events.