Thesis grant : International governance of emerging animal diseases

In collaboration with the University Honors Program, the Hamel Center offers grants of up to $150 to support honors thesis expenses. These grants can assist students who incur expenses from opportunities not anticipated when they began their thesis work.

More information can be found on the Senior Thesis Grant Website.

The YFN Thesis Grants 2013 is available for students currently pursuing their Masters degree in Arts and Humanities, Science and Journalism. The grant aims to assist in the completion of MA/MS thesis that will lead to a graduate degree. The grant will be provided to 3 students in summer session and 3 students in winter session. The YFN Thesis Grant is part of the Ready, Willing & Able project.

(complete instructions for the Honors Thesis Grant application)


The last installment of the grant (CHF 2'000.-) will be paid only upon receipt of a statement sent directly from the thesis advisor at the home university (the same who signed the project), confirming that the attendance was successfully completed.

@Norah - The number of DDGs that we award each year depends on funding available and the number of applications we receive, as well as the quality of those applications. You can see by looking at the DDG Grants & Recipients page that in some years we've awarded only one DDG, but that in more recent years, at least five DDGs were awarded each year. For 2014, we expect to continue this trend that we've seen in most recent years. So to answer your question directly, TIRF DDGs are almost always awarded to more than one applicant each year. ~ Ryan Damerow, Executive Assistant, TIRF@Debbie - Great question. If a person finishes their doctoral program in May 2012, for example, he or she would no longer be a doctoral student when the award recommendation is made in July 2012. Consequently, that person would not qualify for a DDG. TIRF's DDG program is only open to doctoral students who have moved to candidacy (as defined by the degree granting institution) and have not yet finished their doctorate. There are also other eligibility requirements potential applicants must meet, which can be found above.As you probably know, writing a thesis is a complicated process, and a lot of unexpected difficulties will stand on your way to the desired degree. We are talking not only about some typical hardships of a thesis writer such as long sleepless nights, long hours in libraries, isolations, and so on.

Very often, young thesis writers face such problem as lack of money for their research. They just do not have enough financial support and sometimes cannot carry out research thoroughly.

If this is your case, you certainly should apply for a thesis grant or money that will be specially awarded to you. You can spend money on everything that you believe is necessary and vital for your project.

Nowadays, it is not a problem to find funding organizations that provide grants for thesis writers. Actually, whether you win a thesis grant or no depends mostly on you and your project. Here are some general guidelines on how to apply for and win thesis grants. (student must complete and sign top portion of recommendation form; thesis advisor must complete bottom portion of form and attach letter; letter must be submitted with the Honors Thesis Grant application in a sealed envelope)