Include an abstract page following these guidelines:

If your academic program has approved inclusion of such materials, please note that these materials must match the formatting guidelines set forth in this Guide regardless of how the material was formatted for publication.

Everything you need to know about formatting is in the Thesis Guide PDF.

Thesis Synopsis Research Methodology Justification for choosing a particular research proposal Summer Training Topic ( In Brief ) Details of the External guide (Name of the Guide ,Qualification and Designation ) Approval letter from External guide ( Signatory note from guide stating that he/she would guide you ) Note : The Approval letter should be either in the form of External guide’s signature in the company’s letter head or email print out from his /her official email Id or External guide’s signature letter with company’s attestation or External guide’s signature letter attached with business card. 6

Any of the pages must be prepared following these guidelines:

Space and indent your thesis or dissertation following these guidelines:

2 INTRODUCTION This Guide is intended as a supplement to the University Regulations for Higher Degrees. Candidates should also consult their departments for specific Faculty requirements. Candidates are advised to acquaint themselves with the recommendations of this Guide in the early stages of preparation, even though some of the recommendations apply only to the final stages. The Guide is also provided for the information of supervisors whose responsibilities include ensuring that candidates follow its recommendations. A thesis which does not follow the approved format will not be accepted and the degree will not be conferred until an acceptable standard has been met. THESIS PREPARATION The thesis must be written in English, but the Board for Graduate Studies and Research may, in special circumstances, on application from candidates in the Departments of Foreign Languages, and Literature, and on the favourable recommendation of the Faculty Sub-Committee, give permission for theses to be written in a language other than English. The greater portion of the work submitted for examination must have been done subsequent to the initial registration of the student as a candidate for the degree. The thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power. It must be of satisfactory literary standard and must be suitable for publication as a thesis of the University of the West Indies. The thesis must consist of the candidate’s account of his/her own research. It may describe work done in conjunction with his/her Supervisor provided that the candidate clearly states his/her personal share in the investigation and that his/her statement is certified by the Supervisor. A paper written or published in the joint names of two or more persons, one of whom is the candidate, may be included as a part of a thesis provided that the role that the candidate played in the work described in the paper, and the contribution of the other authors are clearly explained. No thesis shall consist wholly of previously published work. The candidate may indicate in a preface how far the thesis embodies the result of his/her own research or observation, and in what respect his/her investigations appear to him/her to advance the study of his/her subject.