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#Skilledblob - It would be, but right now my ideas are way too vague. He won't do it for me, and I wouldn't even expect it. It's my responsibility to make the ideas as precise as possible. Then he can think of some specific topics or tell me if the idea is a go or no-go.

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Thesis ideas become interesting when they are focused on a very narrow aspect of an issue. They are also easier to research and write. Think of the difference between trying to create an interesting thesis idea around global funding of developing economies and creating one that focuses on international development within economically disadvantaged indigenous communities. The former is so broad in scale that unless you plan on writing a book, there is no way you can make it succinct and interesting. The latter holds a narrow focus that has much room to develop interest in theories and proofs.

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Students who struggle with developing thesis ideas may benefit greatly from discussing possibilities with other people who know the field, such as professors or classmates. Talking with others often generates unexpected, inventive thoughts, and people who already know the subject matter will be able to volley those thoughts competently. If the student still cannot arrive at an interesting idea, he or she should choose some aspect of the field and begin reading on it and talking about it with the professor. A thesis idea will eventually come.