Biology 692H – Senior Honors Thesis in Biology

11. Piazza C, 2013. Use of home range and habitat preferences by resident bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Sardinia, Italy. Master's degree Thesis in Biology, University of Turin, Italy.

 and  (2008) Is Nativism In Psychology Reconcilable With The Parity Thesis in Biology? In: .

24. Francesca Fabiano, 2010. Fotoidentificazione del tursiope nel Golfo di Alghero, Sardegna. Master's degree Thesis in Biology, University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy.


47. Valentina Lai 2006. Bachelor degree thesis in Biological Sciences. University of Milan, Italy.

Christine Carrière, undergraduate Honours Thesis in Biology, Jan.-Dec. 2010. Research: Male-biased mutation transmission and genetic characterization of UV-induced mutations in Arabidopsis.

The PhD in Biology is a research-based degree involving deep immersion in a topic within biology with mentoring from an advisor and thesis committee with expertise in the field of study. Coursework is typically completed within the first 2 years (18 credit hours). Students who have previously earned an M.S. degree or taken graduate courses elsewhere can negotiate up to 9 transfer credit hours upon entering our program. Selection of a thesis advisor is made in discussion with our faculty and/or via lab rotations during the first year, and the composition of the thesis committee is established by the student by the end of the first year.Doing a thesis in Biology (as opposed to Honors) involves completing Direct Research (usually in Fall of Senior year) and Senior Thesis (Spring, Senior year).The Honors in Biology Program (for biology majors) gives you an opportunity to do original research in an area of your choice, working closely with a faculty member. You will also have an opportunity to discuss your research and that of other students by participating in Honors Seminars.5. Schoos, J, 2013. Signature whistle production and characteristics in resident bottlenose dolphins in Sardinia, Italy. Master's degree Thesis in Biology, University of Copenhagen, Demmark.