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This subject requires students to develop and defend a research proposal on an original problem of a theoretical or applied nature in economics that forms the basis of the research to be carried out in Thesis in Economics (Honours). The students are also required to produce a written review of the academic literature relevant to their thesis topic. Students meet regularly with their supervisor from the Economics Discipline Group throughout their enrolment in the subject. The subject develops the student's competency in developing an independent research proposal in economics and carrying out a critical review of the literature.

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Over the past decade, Development Economics has arguably become one of the most interesting fields in the profession. From global macroeconomic issues such as the determinants of economic growth, to carefully-crafted microeconomic work in which rigorously constructed theory is tested in developing countries, often using cutting-edge experimental or quasi-experimental techniques, Development Economics is at the heart of many current policy debates. What works and what does not in terms of social programs geared towards reducing poverty, child malnutrition, or the spread of HIV/AIDS? What policies should a country follow in order to ensure sustained economic growth and an equitable distribution of income?

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5. 7. Growth trend of Government borrowing
Government borrowing is the main source for financing fiscal deficit in Nepalese fiscal system. Government borrowing is increasing annually in the context of Nepal’s budgetary system. Even after the restoration of multiparty system, for the attainment of economic development. Government has to invest more, so that government expenditure is increasing. The reliance on taxation is not possible in view of the large amount of financial resource required for government expenditure due lack of fair and transparent administration. So that Nepal is facing large and growing financial resource gap in the government budgetary system. In their context, the government borrowing both external and internal need for supplement this resource gap. The government has to borrow large amount of loans to meet the fiscal deficit. Table 5.4. reflects the trends of debt and grants as well as its annual growth rate in Nepal.