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Reasons 2 and 3 are effectively based on premise number 1. In terms of the ability to reuse my work, more often than never I might have to give a presentation, a talk or create a poster based on some report/thesis/paper I previously wrote. This scenario is common to both academia and industry. When this happens I can easily extract sentences, keywords and figures from my previous work if all the text contained in them is in English, without the need to translate it.

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The Referee’s report may be written either in English or in Hungarian, but the grade must be written in Hungarian, placed in a separate line. The report may contain questions the Referee wishes to raise at the Final Examination. The Referee is to send one copy to the Supervisor and three copies, together with the thesis, are to be submitted to the Department secretary (one copy for the Candidate, one for the Department, and one for the TH). At this point the Candidate has the right to read the report. After the Candidate has received the Referee's report, the Supervisor may discuss the evaluation with the Candidate and give advice for preparation for the .

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The Honors Thesis in English:

This course offers students a framework within which they discuss the genre of thesis writing, in particular the various stages of a research thesis, with reference to the thesis format required by the University of Hong Kong. The conventions, techniques and expectations of a research thesis in English will be discussed, and so will broader questions about research culture, and the nature of an academic life and career.