MKTG 798. Thesis in Marketing. 6 Hours.

All MBA students know that an MBA thesis or dissertation is required to be able to get an MBA degree. True enough because it can test whether or not you can apply what you have learned in an MBA course to research. You might ask why you should write an MBA thesis in marketing. The answer is simple: there are a lot of possible ways to persuade customers to buy certain products! Since marketing is a very interesting sub-field of business management or administration, your research would also be as interesting as the subject itself.

MKTG 799. Thesis in Marketing. 6 Hours.

In the international market, according to a research conducted by Harris Interactive (HP, 2005), ten per cent of the small business owners polled had included weblogs in their marketing plans, suggesting that there could be a significant increase in small business blogging over the next few years.

Requisite(s): Thesis in Marketing (Honours) 1

MKTG:7975(6M:290) Thesis in Marketing Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

SpecificsAll bachelors theses in marketing are written in English. The thesis is written within a strict time schedule that will be posted on blackboard. If your grade is insufficient to pass, you will get the opportunity to improve your thesis in the resit. The thesis should contain no more than 20 pages (excluding abstract, table of contents, references and appendices). See the bachelor thesis guide for more details. Students can choose to write the thesis in Semester 1 or Semester 2. Participating in the thesis process is restricted to once per year, and never in two consecutive semesters (see details below).

For bachelor students, ten lectures and three seminars are offered. Students who successfully complete nine courses and their bachelor thesis in marketing or eleven marketing courses will receive the certificate. For master students, nine lectures and five seminars are offered. Students who successfully complete six marketing courses (i.e., 36 ECTS) will receive the certificate.Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Prerequisite: or . Orientation to the international market place. Formulation of international marketing strategies for firms participating in global trade. Emphasis on international environment, multinational economic blocs, international competition and development of international marketing strategies. Formerly MRBL 656.