Undergraduate Senior Thesis in Mathematics

If you haven't already, look into doing an undergrad thesis in math and pick up the graduate level books to see for yourself what they're like. Talk to the grad students and professors as well. They can really help you get a proper perspective on doing a math PhD program.

Research Experience: PhD thesis in math, 5 publications in good international journals

Do you struggle with a Master’s or PhD thesis in Math? Do you need a good plan to start writing? Well, in this article you will find helpful information on how to get ready for writing a Master’s Mathematics thesis.

Step # 1

First, you should choose a topic for your mathematical thesis. This is how you can do it:

My Ph.D. Thesis in Mathematics - University at Albany

Outstanding Thesis in Math, Science & Technology:  Computational Investigation of Spin Traps Using Hybrid Solvation Models

Lattice Basis Reduction and Public-Key Cryptography (, )
My undergraduate thesis in Math and Computer Science, written in the spring of 2002.