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After subordynatury surgery, amounting to "excellent" state examinations, was sent to the internship in ophthalmology. After graduation works as an ophthalmologist paragraph emergency eye care TSMKL Kyiv. She was subsequently appointed consultant outpatient department of the hospital, the doctor-intern full-time hospital.

Responsible for the supervision of countless Masters and PhD. Thesis in Ophthalmology.

FRCS(Glasg), MSc, ICO

He was graduated from Cairo University 1993,had His Master degree from AinShams University in Cairo in 2000,had the certificate of the International Council of Ophthalmology in 2001, , had his fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow UK. in 2002. He worked in one of the main institutes of ophthalmology which is a teaching hospital in Egypt since 1996, he was elected as a consultant in 2007 and he was a trainer in the Egyptian Ophthalmology Fellowship program till 2014, he also worked in the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear hospital in Dublin, Ireland between 2005 and 2006 as a registrar, he worked as a locum consultant in some hospitals in Saudiarabia. Member of many ophthalmologic societies (Egyptian Ophthalmologic society, Arab African Retina Society, Egyptian Retina Society) He has special interests in Phaco cataract surgery with lens implantation, phakic Intraocular lens implantation ,managing and treating the diabetic retinal complications, age related retinal degeneration with different modalities including laser and injections of medications into the eye, other retinal diseases including vein occlusion, retinal detachment and retinal breaks.

All master degree students should prepare a thesis in ophthalmology

thesis topics in ophthalmology

The relationship between the demand for private practice ophthalmologists and discretionary health care expense is difficult to interpret directly because discretionary health care expense aggregates optometrist data with that of other nonphysician professionals. If the discretionary health care expense variable is merely tracking how much money the average patient can afford to spend on health care, the interpretation of the correlation becomes clearer: the discretionary health care expense variable, much like GDP, becomes a measure of the aggregate patients’ ability to pay for health care. However, if the other professional services variable is tracking the aggregate spending by patients on optometrists, the implication is that because ophthalmologists and optometrists see the same type of patients, their incomes depend on the aggregate demand for ophthalmic care and are thus correlated. At an aggregate level this possible correlation between the incomes of ophthalmologists and optometrists may exist.