Imagine a Turing machine that is started on a completely blanktape, and eventually halts. If the machine leaves n ones onthe tape when it halts, we will say that the productivity ofthis machine is n. We will say that the productivity of anymachine that does not halt is 0. Productivity is a function fromTuring machine descriptions (natural numbers) to natural numbers. Wewill write p(T)=n to indicate that the productivity ofmachine T is n.

In what follows we will describe Turing machines in the statemachine format.

Now the research and writing of the thesis is down to you. It's a solo adventure. You are doing it on your own. But that is not the whole truth. Your supervisor is a vitally important cog in your thesis machine. You must spend appropriate and sufficient time in consultation with your supervisor. This can be with a face-to-face meeting or it can be through other forms of communication. But contact is vital.

T he Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine * Step 1: TOPIC

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