Writing the Master’s Project/Thesis

The Department of Biological Sciences is proud to offer an online, non-thesis Master of Biological Sciences designed specifically for teachers and other science educators interested in biological sciences. This program is fully in a distance-learning format and lectures are available 24/7.

Das Thema meiner Master Thesis war Evaluation eines IPTV Monitoringsystems auf Basis von Android

Earn an advanced degree without a required thesis in the Master of Science in Hospitality Management program. This non-thesis option also has an accelerated track, which can be completed online in 12 months.

Outline of the master thesis startup-seminar by Yh2SDXBu

6. General methodology (for the Master 120, but also valid for the Master 60)

The master’s degree in Forensic Science is a non-thesis option is for those students who are interested in pursuing Forensic Science and find that a non-thesis master’s fulfills their degree requirement. Courses are taken to reach the 32-credit hour minimum requirement, along with a condensed research component or capstone internship experience.

The master’s thesis is a carefully argued scholarly paper of approximately 12,000 – 13,000 words (roughly 50 pages). It should present an original argument that is carefully documented from primary and/or secondary sources. The thesis must have a substantial research component and a focus that falls within arts and science, and it must be written under the guidance of an advisor. As the final element in the master’s degree, the thesis gives the student an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in the chosen research area.One parameter of PhD topic choice is whether to continue workingin the same subfield as your Master's, perhaps extending or building onthat work, or to switch to another subfield. Staying in the same fieldsimplifies things and probably will take one to two years off the totaltime to graduation, especially if a PhD-sized topic becomes obviousduring the course of the Master's work. But it may leave you``typecast'' as someone who does shape-from-shading or circuit analysis;changing fields gives you breadth.