Do you struggle with a Master’s or PhD thesis in Math

The MA or MAT project is often the culminating experience in the degree andthis work is presented in a thesis. Mathematical symbols andnotation are difficult to incorporate in most word processors. The preferredsystem for typing mathematical documents is LaTeX (developed by Leslie Lamport)which is a document settingprogram for the TeX typesetting program created by Donald Knuth. It is the preferred typesetting program for use by many mathematical journalsincluding the American Mathematical Society.

Students who write a senior thesis (or another mathematicalpaper) are eligible to receive the .

Mathematicians since antiquity have tried to find order in the apparent irregular distribution of prime numbers. Let PI(x) be the number of primes not exceeding x. In the 1790's, both Gauss and Legendre proposed that the ratio PI(x)/() would approach 1 as x tended to infinity. Many of the greatest mathematicians of the 19th Century attempted to prove this result and in so doing developed the theory of functions of a complex variable to a very high degree. Partial results were obtained by Chebyshev in 1851 and Riemann in 1859, but the Prime Number Theorem (as it is now called) remained a conjecture until Hadamard and de la Valle' Poussin independently and simultaneously proved it in 1896.

Undergraduate Senior Thesis in Mathematics

Meritorious senior theses will be catalogued, bound, and stored in the Mathematics Library.

2. Satisfy either the standard program or the interdisciplinary mathematical ecology/evolution concentration. A student intending to work in mathematical ecology/evolution may complete either, but is encouraged to complete the interdisciplinary mathematical ecology/evolution concentration.

3. Pass an examination in the field of specialization after requirements 1 - 2 have been met. This examination will be given by a committee appointed by the department head. A student may take this specialty examination at most twice.