Thesis In Mathematics AN ABSTRACT OFA THESIS

And on top of the fear and excitement is a sort of melancholy. It’s the end of an era today; the end of being a student, the end of being a research mathematician (at least for the time being) and the end of thinking about all the problems in my thesis. I may go back and think about some of them again, but realistically this is unlikely to happen unless I am surrounded by other mathematicians interested in the same ideas.

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Anton Bernshteyn
I chose Illinois for graduate school because the mathematics department at Illinois is very large and diverse, making it possible to find experts working in virtually any area.

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The Soviet Union launched the first satellite to orbit the Earth. The United States reaction by pouring enormous funds in to basic research. As a result, many African American students of the late 1950's and the 1960's were able to study mathematics at a level not possible before (see ). is the twenty-first african american to earn the Ph.D. in Mathematics. Also in 1956, is the first african american woman to publish a non-Ph.D.-thesis mathematics research paper (with ) and this is the first paper publishd joint mathematics research between two Black co-authors.