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As explained by Lee and Lings (2008), this section provides a link between the research problem and the methods selected to analyse the problem. The Methodology section is primarily divided into two parts. While the first part comprises of the type of data used and the research method used, the second part includes an in depth analysis of the data collected. The methodology concludes with a brief note on the research ethics and accuracy of the research.

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In the methodology section, there are some items that have to be explained. They include the following:
• Most important item is the methods used for collecting data. The readers expect to know how the samples are selected and the features of the population. If any groups are excluded in the samples, this too should be mentioned. Methods and the formats used for collecting data and how the accuracy and reliability of data is ensured should also be considered.
• The next important item is the methodology for data analysis. The statistical methods, software, formulas used in data analysis or the qualitative analysis techniques have to be presented to the reader so that they can judge the validity, reliability and generalizability of the results.

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The methodology frame of this thesis can be summarized into the chart below.

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